“Enlightening Experience”


Mitchell Nathanson

The symposium was an enlightening experience.  The nuances of the Flood case, along with the personal stories that underpinned it, are typically lost in the larger discussion of the economics of baseball but at the symposium they were unearthed and debated in new and fascinating ways.  Listening to Allen Zerman and Lou Hoynes discuss their legal strategies and approaches to the case was captivating. In learning from Curt Flood, Jr., how the case affected him and his family, I gained new insight as to the devastating consequences the case had on the people most affected by it.  The NLBM was the perfect setting for such a discussion — hearing Flood speak in a room dedicated to the telling of what would otherwise be forgotten stories gave his perspective on the case even greater resonance.  My thanks to Raymond Doswell Bob Kendrick , and every one at the NLBM for putting together such a remarkable conference.  I can’t wait for the next one.

Mitchell Nathanson, Professor of Legal Writing, Jeffrey S. Moorad Center for the Study of Sports Law, Villanova University School of Law

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